Kinder - Northern Edges

Kinder - Northern Edges
Start : Birch Clough Bridge. The significant layby on this corner of the A57. Can become quite busy due to the lack of parking along this road. [SK109914 362m ]
Summary : Birch Clough - Seal Stones - Seal Edge - The Edge - Ashop Head - Snake Path - Birch Clough
distance : 13.0km.
ascent : 490m.
time : 4hr. 50min.

Kinder is a large flat plateau surrounded by steep edges. This walk follows the edges long the north of Kinder. These rock edges here, mark the northern limit of Kinder and create an edge with a significant drop. From here views north towards Bleaklow are extensive on days of good visibility.


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From the parking cross the road and head through the forest. There is a good footpath, getting better all the time as more and more people use it, that goes due south through the forest. Towards the southern end of the forest is a footbridge. Take the left hand path that takes you up to the A57. The only option here is to walk alongside the A57 to the Snake Inn (no longer an Inn) and then continue until a footpath turns off the road right. This is some 500m of road walking so take care. Follow this path through the forest to the bridge over the River Ashop. Cross the river at the bridge and follow the path around to Fair Brook. Cross this on the stepping stones and then through the sheep pens, follow the good path which climbs the hillside steeply to get around to Gate Side Clough. There is a path up this clough. From around halfway follow the wall. This path is the major climb of the day and reaches the edge at Seal Stones. (3.0kms. 400mm. 1hrs. 40min.)

There is a well defined path around the edge which is followed all the way around the edge. There can be some wet bits especially around the top of Upper and Middle Seal Clough. Make to the Fords at the top of Fair Brook and then turn northerly to make for the top of Fairbrook Naze. There is a more direct path that climbs up Fairbrook Naze to this point which avoids Seal edge if you wish a shorter route. (2.0kms. 40m. 0hrs. 40min.)

The edge becomes more like an edge from here, with a more distinctive rocky edge. Walk along The Edge for 2km until the edge becomes more indistinct, but the path continues onto reach the Pennine Way. At the col before Mill Hill there is a distinct crossing. This route turns right, east, to follow the Snake Path. This is a good path. Look out for the ruined building at around half way. The path enters a forest about 1km from the road. Follow the path through the forest to get to the footbridge. Once overr the footbridge turn left and follow the path north; this is the path followed the other direction at the start of the walk. The path leads to the A57, cross the road to the car. (8.0kms. 50m. 2hrs. 30min.)