Stanage Edge

Panorama from .457 trig point


Panorama from High Neb .458


Stanage Edge
Start : Hooks Car - Roadside Parking. Hooks Car parking at the junction of the two minor roads.[SK244829 360m ]
Summary : Hooks Car Roadside Parking - Stanage Trig Point - Cowper Stone - Trig Point - Long Causeway - High Neb - Stanage End - Long Causeway - Hooks Car Roadside Parking
distance : 12.5km.
ascent : 230m.
time : 4hr. 10min.

The gritstone edges running along the east of the Dark Peak are unique to the Peak District. Stanage is the grandest of all these gritstone edges running some 6km in length. Best viewed from a distance. This route takes you along the full length, walking above and below the crags. Stanage Edge is a popular rock climbing area and busy with climbers in all weathers. The edge can be accessed from a variety of places. This route starts at the southern edge and follows above the edge for it's full length. The return journey is undertaken below the cliffs providing some extra interest viewing the rock climbers in action.


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From the parking follow the thin path that climbs over the lower slopes below the edge, to reach the top of Stanage Edge. Turn right, south, and along the top of the edge by the good path to reach the Trig Point. This is set on top of some significant gritstone boulders that requires some clambering to get to the trig point. On a good day there are excellent views north along the edge as well as over to the Hope Valley. For the full Stage Experience, continue south and then east to reach Cowper Stone which marks the end of Stanage Edge. The views here are down Burbage Valley and further down south. (1.5kms. 100m. 0hrs. 40min.)

Return back the way you have come to get back to the trig point. From here, look north and see the great wide vista that is Stanage Edge, this is where the route takes us, along the top of this magnificent edge. Leaving the trig point follow the path north along the top of the edge. Keep an eye out for the magnificent views west along the Hope Valley, east over Broomhead Moor and indeed north along the edge. At about 2km. the Long Causeway coming from Redmires Reservoirs is visible. The large pole, Stanage Pole is clearly visible from the edge. Climb the fence and follow the path to the causeway and then over a surprisingly narrow piece to climb up to the height of Stanage Edge. Follow the path on top of the cliffs along to the trig at High Neb. (3.0kms. 50m. 1hrs. 0min.)

The route now continues along the path on top of the edge. The edge is less popular in this area, there are fewer walkers and climbers on this northern section of the edge. Even on a busy day this north end of Stanage is still a quiet and tranquil place. Follow the top of the edge until the rock become less distinct over Stanage End. Eventually a wall is reached where the top path meets the lower path. Here are the remnants of an old quarry. Look out for two distinct marker stones with WW and WM carved on them. These indicate the boundary between shooting estates. This is the time to turn around and maybe take a bite to eat looking west over the northern moors of the Peak District. (2.5kms. 20m. 0hrs. 50min.)

The first phase of the return is along the paths at the bottom of the crags. Walk down a few meters to meet the path along the bottom of the crags. Turn left and follow the narrow and sometimes confusing path along the bottom of the edge. If the wind was in your face it is now at your back; the sun is likely to be straight ahead to giving a different aspect to the edge. There are a number of paths aliong the bottom of the crags, and there are a few wet areas to negotiate. It matters not which you take. But towards the Long Causeway there is one definite path to follow. Cross the final fence by the gate and walk up Long Causeway to the top of the edge. (3.5kms. 40m. 1hrs. 10min.)

From Long Causeway the return is by the outward route. [But you may like to extend the walk by walking over to Stanage Pole, with the views over Hallam Moor to Sheffield.] From the top of the edge at Long Causeway, walk south on the path then across the wall by the stile. Follow the path along the top to reach the path that you climbed up from the car just before the trig point. Now take this path back to the car park. (2.0kms. 20m. 0hrs. 40min.)