Head Stone

Head Stone
Start : Lodge Moor 51 Bus Terminus. Terminus of the 51 bus at Lodge Moor or parking nearly.[SK285864 270m ]
Summary : Lodge Moor (Sheffield) - Wyming Brook - Head Stone - Redmires Reservoir - south-side Redmires Reservoir - Lodge Moor
distance : 11.5km.
ascent : 150m.
time : 3hr. 40min.

Driving down the A57 into Sheffield there is an obvious "Stone" set in the moors on the south of the road. This is the Head Stone. Given this is situated on the outskirts of Sheffield this area is not very busy and many days you can be on your own on the Hallam Moors. This route takes the walker from the edge of Sheffield to the Head Stone, and back around Redmires Reservoirs.


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From the bus terminus walk 20m further along the road (west) when there is a path around the edge of the houses leading to a park. Continue along this path until it reaches a road (Lodge Moor Road. Turn right and follow the path on the side of Redmires Plantation until a road is reached near to Wyming Brook Farm. We now follow the road for a short while, going north and then west at the junction until at the car park for Wyming Brook forest. Once here, follow the drive down Wyming Brook as it circuits above Rivelin reservoirs. At Reddicar Hollow there is a path that takes you up and west towards the Head Stone, follow this. Once at the path junction and with the Head Stone in view, walk over the moor to reeach the Head Stone. (5.0kms. 100m. 1hrs. 40min.)

From the Head Stone retrace your steps to reach the path junction which is followed south to reach the conduit. Follow this east and then south to reach Redmires Road. Follow the road west around the westerly of the reservoirs until the road runs out. From here it is possible to extend this route up to Stanage Pole. There is a footpath that follows around the southern shores of the 3 reservoirs, often wet following rain but easy to follow. At the end of the reservoirs follow the track back to the road and then 200m north along the road to meet the end of the conduit. Follow this conduit back to the starting point. Returning to the bus terminus, you turn north from the conduit when it reaches Lodge Moor Road. (6.5kms. 50m. 2hrs. 0min.)