Kinder - South Edges

Kinder - South Edges
Hill Summit : Kinder Low[SK079870, 633m.]
Start : Edale Car Park. The large pay car park near the railway station.[SK125853 235m ]
Summary : Edale - Upper Booth - Jacobs Ladder - Kinder Low - Crowden Tower - Ringing Roger - Edale
distance : 14.5km.
ascent : 450m.
time : 5hr. 10min.

The large plateau of Kinder is one of the jewels of the Peak District, typified by steep climbs from the valley to the flat and peaty summit plateau. The Pennine Way starts at Edale as does this route, which takes the Pennine way for the first part of the walk. Along the southern edge of Kinder there are many rocks with a variety of interesting shapes, many of which are named. Whilst the central part of the plateau is bleak these edges are less so and provide interesting walking.


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Leave the car park and walk up the road to the village. There is a sign here pointing to the Pennine Way; take this path. It ascends and then descends as it contours finally arriving at a pleasant bridge at the bottom of Jacobs Ladder. Follow this path taking the right option at the top near to Edale Cross. Again follow the path north past Edale Rocks. Once on the plateau there is a smaller path that takes the walker to Kinder Low; the Pennine Way misses this trig point. (6.5kms. 400m. 2hrs. 40min.)

The Pennine Way continues north towards Kinder Downfall. This route now follows the southern edge of Kinder. Retrace your steps to the path junction and turn left to follow the path around the southern edges. To the right of the first crop of rocks is to be found Pym's chair. Just beyond this are the Wool Packs, an interesting field of stones on the edge of Kinder. Now onto Crowden Tower and onto the top of Grindsbrook. Keep on the top path as it turns right to cross the next stream. Continue along the edge to Ringing Rodger passing Upper Tor and Nether Tor. Once at the cairn of stones that marks the Ringing Roger ridge follow the path down. The path is steep from the crags but soon eases and finally joins Grinsbrook. From here descend to Edale. Finally walk down the road to the car park. (8.0kms. 50m. 2hrs. 30min.)