Howden Edge and Horse Stone

Howden Edge and Horse Stone
Start : Kings Tree Parking at the end of the Upper Derwent Valley road.[SK169950 270m ]
Summary : Kings Tree - Hoar Clough - Featherbed Moss - Howden Edge - Horse Stone - Kings Tree.
distance : 12.0km.
ascent : 260m.
time : 4hr. 0min.

The Derwent Valley splits Bleaklow between the large plateau to the west and the edges to the east. This walk goes up the pleasant Derwent Valley and then onto the eastern edges with their extensive views over South Yorkshire and beyond. A great area to get away from it all in this popular part of the country.


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Go through the gate and follow the path to Slippery Slopes, and over the river Derwent via the Pack Horse Bridge. From here the route follows the track along the Derwent valley. Just past Stannery Clough the track becomes a path but still follow this to Hoar Clough. Follow the path up Hoar Clough, up the true left bank towards the ridge. Shepherds Meeting Point is an intersting set o rocks seen on the opposite bank on the ascent. As the clough flattens out the path crosses the river and makes for the ridge of Featherbed Moss. In fact there are many paths here and also the upper part of Hoar Clough has some very deep groughs. This is a remote part of the Peak District but the most striking part of the view is over to the Woodhead Pass and Barnsley. Looking over to the Woodhead Pass it is clear why this suffers from snow closures in winter. The ridge over Featherbed Moss is often wet; the name gives it away. However there has been a lot of conservation work taking place to attempt to reduce the erosion in the area. The results have been positive and the area is not as wet as it has been in the past. The route keeps as much as possible to the boundary line, the high ground over to Howden Edge. Hoar Stones are set just below the ridge and worth a visit on the way. A detour to Hoar Stone should be from the ridge and back, any contemplation of cutting corners here will end in large groughs. (7.5kms. 210m. 2hrs. 40min.)

Don't be conned to make directly to Horse Stone, there are a number of very deep and wet groughs to cross. From Howden Edge continue along the ridge to SK158983. From here it is an easier approach to the rounded hill of Horse Stone. The rocks around this part of the Peak District are most interesting so take in the view from Bleaklow Stones around to Crow Stones Edge. To descend follow Horse Naze, the rocks on the west down to the valley; pathless but sheep tracks can be found. Make for Little Stannery Clough and then joining Stannery Clough to reach the Derwent track at the bottom. Follow the valley back down to Kings Tree. When walking up the valley the land closes in, moving to a wilder environment; the way back opens out giving a more expansive view down the Derwent Valley. (4.5kms. 50m. 1hrs. 30min.)