Millstone and Lawrencefield

Millstone and Lawrencefield
Start : Suprise View Car Park. Parking at the (paid) car park just east of Surprise View.[SK251800 304m ]
Summary : Surprise View Parking - Millstone Edge - Lawrencefield Edge - Bole Hill - Padley Gorge - Surprise View Parking.
distance : 5.5km.
ascent : 220m.
time : 2hr. 10min.

A short walk that works well in summer late afternoon / evening. Milstone, in particular, looks good in the late sun with the red tones of the rock being accentuated by the redenning sun. The route starts near to Surprise View with a walk up the moor to Mother Cap and Over Owler Tor to the top of Millstone Edge. Then below Millstone and onto Lawrencefield before continuing through the wood at Bole Hill. the final section walks up the river valley to reach the bridge at Padley Gorge, then back to the start.


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Walk through the gate at the back of the car park taking the path to Mother Cap, a distinctive rock feature with views over the Hope Valley. From here continue to Over Owler Tor, another distinctive rock feature. Continue to the fence at the top of Millstone Edge. Follow the path downhill and cross it at the second gate. Follow this path to the sharp bend at SK247805, which is difficult to see. Follow this track uphill and then around the bottom of the crags. The path is below the edge and it is well worth wandering off left to one or two of the bays to see the full splender of Millstone Edge. The bay with the "keyhole" is particularly spectacular. Some of the most difficult Peak District rock climbing routes are at Millstone, and you can see why! Follow the path to the road and cross safely to the pavement on the other side. Walk downhill to reach the public footpath that goes south down Lawrencefield. (2.5kms. 80m. 1hrs. 0min.)

Over the wall at the gate, and then follow the wide path that runs along the bottom of Lawrencefield Edge. Again, as at Millstone, the path is a distance away from the edge and it is worth walking over to the edge itself. There is a "pool" at the bottom of one of the higher parts of Lawrencefield Edge. Continue along the path to a gate at the end of Lawrencefield. Through the gate is Bole Hill Wood. Follow the paths downhill towards Grindleford Station. Just before the buildings are reached you meet a "paved" track on the left. (1.5kms. 0m. 0hrs. 30min.)

Take the path on the left as it climbs along the direction of the river through the wood. In autumn the is particularly impressive with the colourful oak trees. Towards the top of the wood the path takes you nearer to the river then out of the forest views open out to Higgar Tor with Stanage beyond. Walk up the grass to the bridge over the stream. On the left is a path that goes past Owler Tor and to the road. Owler Tor is much more impressive from the roadside. All that is left is to walk alongside the road and cross into the car park. (1.5kms. 140m. 0hrs. 50min.)