Alport Castles

Alport Castles
Start : Ouzelden Clough Roadside Parking at the roadside.[SK165910 250m ]
Summary : Ouzelden Clough Roadside - Lockerbrook Farm - Lockerbrook Heights - Rowlee Pasture - Alport Castles - Ditch Clough - Howden Reservoir - Ouzelden Clough Roadside.
distance : 11.5km.
ascent : 240m.
time : 3hr. 50min.

Alport Castles are interesting and prominent peaks. The rock is standard gritstone but has an unstable look. The castles look like they are a consequence of a large land slide many millions of years ago. The best approach is from the top rather than ascending from the valley. This route comes from the Derwent Valley to view Alport Castles from the top keeping well away from the A57. The start of the route is along the Derwent reservoir that is only possible midweek. If you intend walking at the weekend Fairholms is the closest starting point.


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Leave the parking space and walk 300m back along the road until the track heading up the hillside. This is clearly marked to Lockerbrook Farm Outdoor Centre. Ascend this track and follow through the various woodlands to Lockerbrook Farm. The track becomes tarmaced here. Follow along this track for a further 400m past the farm. This track rises slowly to its high point giving increasing good views over the Peak District. On the right is a path that climbs steeply to Lockerbrook Heights. Here there are some great views here over to Win Hill and Kinder. (2.0kms. 100m. 0hrs. 50min.)

From the road walk to the stile and once over it there is an excellent path through Rowlee Pastures. Ahead are Alport Castles. The path is much improved here. Follow the path to the wall marked on the OS map which is dilapidated. Follow the line of the wall towards Alport Castles. Time to stop here. Perhaps descend to the bottom via the path and explore the area. But, do return to the top path. Continue along this top path to the northern end of the Castles. Worth sitting a while here looking over the rock features and the views over to Kinder and Bleaklow. From here (Birchen Hat) follow the path and track down by Ditch Clough to the valley floor. Again this is an excellent path. Once at the bottom, follow the track 200m to reach the road. Follow the road back to the starting point. This is not a busy road, and there is a good footpath alongside most of the way. (9.5kms. 140m. 3hrs. 0min.)