Mill Hill

Mill Hill
Start : Doctors Gate Layby. A large layby on the right of the A57 when travlling from the Sheffield side.[SK095928 490m ]
Summary : Doctor's Gate - Snake Summit - Featherbed Moss - Mill Hill - Snake Path - Lady Clough - Doctor's Gate
distance : 11.5km.
ascent : 180m.
time : 3hr. 40min.

Mill Hill and Featherbed Moss are the high points of the rounded moors south of the A57 at Snake summit. These are paired with an interesting walk down the Ashop Clough and then a wlak back through Lady Clough plantation.


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You can walk up the road to the Snake Summit, from Doctor's Gate, but best to get away from the road. Follow the well marked path up Doctor's gate until it meets the Pennine Way. From here walk south to get to the Snake Road. Cross the road and through the gate. There is a well made path (Penine Way_) all the way to Mill Hill but it is better to strike off left to get to the summit of Featherbed Moss. There is a great all around from this summit. From the summit walk over the moor back to the Pennine Way and then follow the paved path all the way to the summit. A relaxing walk with views of the north of Kinder. Remember to turn around to see Bleaklow over the Snake road. The top of Mill Hill is marked with a small pile of stones and a marker. One of the least impressive summits ever. (4.0kms. 140m. 1hrs. 30min.)

From the summit continue along the Pennine Way to descend to the col before Kinder. A footpath crossroads is reached. The way is left, east to follow the Snake Path down Ashop Clough via the Snake Path. This is again a good path and easy to follow all the way to the forest. Great views as you walk down the valley of the north edge of Kinder. Go through the gate to enter the forest. At the bottom there is a footbridge over the stream. Cross the stream and then through the gate to follow the path up Lady Clough. Continuing downstream will lead to the Snake Inn. Follow the path that climbs up between the river and the A57. Sometimes the path is difficult to see but no matter, just keep going until you see another piece of path. Continue along the line of the path as it crosses a forestry track. Eventually the forest finishes and a stile is crossed. Up the steep hillside is the A57 but to avoid walking along the road continue alongside the stream via the small sheep track. This just keeps climbing uphill between the stream and the road. The bends at Doctor's Gate are obvious from the signs. Climb the wall which is easier just past the parking and carefully cross the road to return to the car. No road walking which is good. (7.5kms. 40m. 2hrs. 20min.)