Around Featherbed Moss.

Around Featherbed Moss.
Hill Summit : High Stones[SK188943, 548m.]
Start : Fairholms Car Park. The large car park at the centre - payment is required.[SK173894 210m ]
Summary : Fairholms - Derwent Reservoir - Nether Hey - High Stones - Featherbed Moss - Cartledge Brook - Abbey Clough - Derwent Reservoir - Fairholms
distance : 16.0km.
ascent : 390m.
time : 5hr. 30min.

Featherbed Moss, as the name implies should be a wet and boggy area to be avoided. But, due to environmental work done on Bleaklow it is not. Yes after a wet few days it is wet underfoot but not a no go area. It is situated between the northern part of Derwent Edge at Margery Hill and the southern part at Back Tor. Featherbed Moss is massive moorland where the walker will be alone walking over the ground with good views of the whole of the Derwent Edges and beyond. Note that this route around Featherbed Moss does follow a path which is shown on the online OS maps, but not on the printed map. The return is down the lovely Abbey Brook but you could always continue from Featherbed Moss down to Back Tor as an alternative.


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From Fairholms walk out from the car park towards the dam. Walking under the dam the walker cannot fail to be impressed by the size. At the far eastern side there is a set of steps that takes the walker to reservoir level. Follow the track north along the eastern side of the Derwent reservoir to Abbey Clough. 100m further on is a path that climbs through the woods steeply. After a couple of gates the path gets out of the forest and can be followed around Nether Tor. Then the path descends slightly to the east before the final climb up the to High Stones. High Stones is marked with a small cairn, not impressive for the high point of Sheffield and South Yorkshire. However as it is the high point there are some good views to all directions. (5.5kms. 320m. 2hrs. 20min.)

From the summit of High Stones retrace your tracks until the path is reached that goes over to Featherbed Moss. Despite there being no path on the map there is a definite track around Featherbed Moss and onto the line of grouse butts. Follow these grouse butts down to meet Cartledge Brook. Cross this brook, usually easily and follow the path on the far (east) side of the brook. Towards the bottom of Cartledge Clough the path diverges from the brook and meets Duke Road at a significant junction, marked as a Ford on the map. Dukes Road continues over to Back Tor and the other path directly down Abbey Clough. This is a peaceful piece of moorland. Great views of much of South Yorkshire, down towards Chatsworth and over to Kinder. Usually you will have the place to yourself. (4.5kms. 60m. 1hrs. 30min.)

From the junction follow the smaller path, more westerly path, that goes down Abbey Clough. There is agood path all the way from the top of Abbey Brook to the bottom at the track around Derwent Reservoir. Turn left here and walk around the reservoir, down the steps by the dam and back to Fairholms. (6.0kms. 10m. 1hrs. 50min.)