Winstone Lee Tor

Winstone Lee Tor
Start : Cutthroat Bridge The large layby just east of cutthroat bridge.[SK216874 297m ]
Summary : Cutthroat Bridge - Fords by Moscar House - Derwent Edge - Salt Cellar - Whinstone Lee Tor - Ladybower Wood - Cutthroat Bridge.
distance : 7.5km.
ascent : 230m.
time : 2hr. 40min.

Winstone Lee Tor is at the start, the southern end, of Derwent Edge. This walk leads the walker over the Derwent Moors before they reach the edge at the 'crossroads of paths'. A great view of Ladybower Reservoir breaks out. From here the walk continues up Derwent Edge for a while, to the Salt Cellar, and then returns down the edge to Winstone Lee Tor. After descending nearly to the valley the route takes the walker through Ladybower Wood and back to Cutthroat Bridge. There re great views of the Peak District from the walk from Stanage around to Mamtor, Kinder, Bleaklow and Derwent Edge


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Leave the layby, and follow the side of the A57 downhill to reach Cutthroat Bridge. There is a thin path alongside the road but take car. From here cross the road and follow the track over the bridge and through the gate. Once over the bridge take the track under the power lines, cross the small stream using the steep banks, and continue to follow the path under the power lines to the ford just short of Moscar House. There are a couple of stiles to negotiate and signs that ensure you are on the correct path. At the ford turn left, west, and follow the track as it climbs towards the edge over Derwent Moor. This route to the edge is much less busy than the usual way straight up from the reservoir. Once at the edge the view opens out of Ladybower Reservoir. On the right can clearly see the rocks of Derwent Edge all the way to Back Tor. (2.5kms. 160m. 1hrs. 10min.)

There are various option here. This walk continues north up Derwent Edge, to get a great introduction to this fantastic edge. Follow the track north to pass Wheel Stones, White Tor to reach the Salt Cellar. This rock formation is lower down by the wall. A great place for a rest. It is OK to add to the walk all the way to Back Tor. From the Salt Cellar retract your steps back to the path junction from where you met the edge. (1.5kms. 50m. 0hrs. 40min.)

Rather than turning left to walk back over the moor, continue south down Derwent Edge. It is a short walk down the ridge past Hurkling Stones to get to Windtone Lee Tor. All the way are great views of Ladybower reservoir to the west and straight ahead are views down the Derwent Valley. Win Hill dominates the skyline to the south west. Winstone Lee Tor is not a prominent set of rocks, there are other about but it does have the most fantastic views. (1.0kms. 20m. 0hrs. 20min.)

From Winstone Lee Tor follow the path at the top of the edge all the way down to Ashopton. It does become steep a it descends to Ashopton, in fact the path has been washed away in places around here. Soon a wall is reached and take the path left, east, along the wall. Follow the path as it runs parallel to but higher than the A57, into then out of Ladybower Wood by two gates. Continue along the path as it passes above a quarry and onto open moorland. The powerline is visible here, and the path follows the line of this to just above Cutthroat Bridge. Cross the bridge and then the road, completing the walk by walking up by the A57. (2.5kms. 0m. 0hrs. 50min.)