Monsal Dale and Magpie Mine.

Monsal Dale and Magpie Mine.
Start : Ashford in the water Village Car Park.[SK194697 136m ]
Summary : Ashford in the Water - Monsal Dale - Deep Dale - Sheldon - Magpie Mine - Ashford in the Water
distance : 11.5km.
ascent : 330m.
time : 4hr. 0min.

This is a walk through an interesting part of the White Peak. The walk starts at Ashford in the Water and climbs through the paths to the high fields. From here the route takes us towards Monsal Head, but just short the walk goes down the Monsal Dale weir. A walk down Monsal Dale in the trees is followed by a walk up Deep Dale which is more open. Then there is the climb back up to Sheldon village and onto Magpie Mine. This mine is in a good state and great to walk around. Then it is back down to Ashford.


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Walk out the back of the car park and take the road on the right - sign to Monsal Head. The first part of the path goes up through the fields to get to Pennyunk Lane. This is well marked but muddy. Maybe better to start at the beginning of the lane further up the road in the village. Follow the paths through the typical White Peak fields over to hit Hobs House Wood. The path goes along the top of the wood with views of Monsal Dale. At the signpost choose Monsal Dale and not Monsal Head. Walk back through the wood itself until you get to the river. A very noisy sound of the weir, which can be spectacular after a lot of rain. (4.0kms. 160m. 1hrs. 30min.)

Follow the river bank downstream to the footbridge over the river. From the footbridge, continue to find the path that that follows the true right bank of the river. This path continues alongside the river and down the Valley to reach the A6. Cross the A6 to the car park and picnic site opposite. The route continues over into Deep Dale. There are a number of footpaths with some great signs making it easy to find the correct path out of the car park. Just prior to entering Deep Dale the footbath follows a wall. This can become a river in rainy conditions. Once over the wall and into deep Dale it is a nice walk up the valley. Quite soon you get out of the trees, and you are walking up a very grassy valley. At the end of Deep Dale there is a wall and once over the wall there is a footpath on the left uphill to another wall. Over this wall there is a path across the fields to the little village of Sheldon. Once in Shelton, there are actually 3 paths that go to Magpie Mine, on the right. Take the third path through gates and stiles until in the grounds of Magpie Mine. Once at Magpie Mine it is worth exploring the industrial archaeology. (5.0kms. 150m. 1hrs. 50min.)

All that's left is to return to Ashford in the water. Follow the path away from the mine which goes past a circular building, then it is through a stile and follow the path over a number of fields to reach the end of the track, which is followed all the way to the road. There is only a short piece of road to walk along, walk right and downhill until a footpath is seen on the left. Run downhill on this footpath to reach the road again. Cross the road and walk along the minor road opposite with a plantation on the left. There is very little traffic on this road. When a footpath pn the left is reached, with a mobile mast visible down a field, take the footpath down to Ashford in the water. The path goes past the large mobile phone mast, a house and onto the gate just before the A6. There are great views of Ashford in the water and the surrounding area on the way down. After crossing the road, cross the river by the bridge and then onto Asford in the water. Walk through the village to reach the start again. (2.5kms. 20m. 0hrs. 50min.)