Birchen and Gardoms Edges

Birchen and Gardoms Edges
Start : Robin Hood Inn Car Park There is a public car park near to the Robin Hood Public House - not the pub carpark.[SK281721 230m ]
Summary : Robin Hood Car Park - Birchen Edge - Nelsons Monument - A621 - Gardoms Edge - A619 - Robin Hood Car Park
distance : 4.0km.
ascent : 130m.
time : 1hr. 30min.

The mix of rock and moor is shown off to it's full in this walk. The rocks of the edges cannot fail to impress and these are joined by some bogtrotting over Birchen Moor. Perhaps a walk left to the hot hazy days of a dry summer, or a clear frozen winter day. The starting point is the large National trust (payment needed) car park beside Robin Hood's Inn. There is seperate parking for walkers, so leave the pub car park to the patrons, unless of course you fall into both categories.


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From the car park walk a few meters up the minor road to find the start of the path along Birchens edge. The path follows along the woods until a juncction at SK281723. Talk the steep route right to climb to the top of the edge. With the edge below you on the left follow the path along, making at all times for Nelson's Monument. Prior to reaching the monument there are three distinctive eratics over to the right: Victory, Reliance and Royal Soverin are carved on the rocks representing the fleet of the forementioned Nelson. Nelson's monument, not to be confused with one of the same name in London, is impressive and visible throughout much of this walk. It was erected in 1810 to celebrate the admiral's victory at Trafalgar. There are no paths marked on the map from the monument and the route takes the walker to the roadside at SK274738. On the ground follow the obvious path along the top of the edge and then descending towards the main road juction. (2.0kms. 90m. 0hrs. 50min.)

Just prior to the road there is an obvious roack marking the junction with a more significant path. follow this for 10m towards the raod from where there is an obvious path that follows the direction of the A621 but much higher up. Follow this path along for 800m until the start of Gardoms edge is reached. There is a fence, which is crossed by a gate then into the Birch Wood before getting to the start of Gardoms Edge. Follow the path along the top of the edge keeping the edge on your right. A wall is reached and once through the path follows between the wall and the edge. Towards the end of the wall line you reach Three Men, a line of 3 cairns. Continue along the wall line until a prominant path comes in from the right. This is the path between the A621 and the A619, and it is followed left back towards the Robin Hood Inn. Continue following the path downhill all the way until the main road is reached. Cross the stile and it is a short walk along the road to the car park passing the Robin Hood Inn where refreshment can be taken. (2.0kms. 40m. 0hrs. 40min.)