Chatsworth Grounds and Edge.

Chatsworth Grounds and Edge.
Start : Chatsworth Estate Car Park. The main car park at Chatsworth House.[SK261703 100m ]
Summary : Chatsworth Estate Car Park - Chatsworth Woods - Dobbs Edge - Chatsworth Edge - Gap in Edges - Chatsworth Grounds - Chatsworth Estate Car Park.
distance : 9.0km.
ascent : 190m.
time : 3hr. 0min.

Chatsworth Edge is the southerly of the edges on the east of the Peak District. Not long in length and in the trees, Chatsworth is not one of the most popular edges with climbers. The edge lies on the Chatsworth estate and there are concessionary paths up from the house, to the top of the edge and back down through the fields. To achieve a circular walk this route starts at the Chatsworth Estate Car Park.


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From the car park by Chatsworth House, follow the roads on the west of the House towards the woods. Follow the track around to the right at the back of the saw mill. This is a wide track used by estate vehicles so be careful. Keep going along the track until the third turning on the left, nearly the end of the woods. Walk uphill via the zig-zags and take the first turn left to walk north through the woods at a higher level. The track reaches the Hunting Tower. Well worth a walk around and a look at the view over the peak district here; especially as the walking has been in the trees so far. The way onto Chatsworth Edge is to continue north along the track, but it is worth a detour to see the impressive Emperor Lake. (3.5kms. 100m. 1hrs. 20min.)

From the Hunting tTower continue along the road north, past timber operations to a wall. A stile, down to the left, allows the walker to cross. Dobbs Edge is here on the left once over the wall. It is not a significant edge; there is no real edge more rocks and boulders. The estate has marked out a permissive path that goes along the top of Dobbs Edge then over a stile to get to the valley between Dobbs and Chatsworth edges. From the valley, where this route returns, climb the hillside to reach another stile. This time the estate directs you to a small path along the top of Chatsworth edge. There are a number of signs that should keep the walker on the correct path. The higher cliffs are at the north end and it is worth peering over the edge to see the height of Chatsworth edge. Much of this edge is surrounded by trees. Thus the edge does not stand out and the rock has a green or even red dirty look to it especially in winter. Following the path along the top. Eventually the walker reaches a prow at the northern end, where the path starts to descend to eventually meet the A621. Time to turn around here. (3.0kms. 50m. 1hrs. 0min.)

To return to Chatsworth House, the walker must retrace their steps along Chatsworth Edge to the valley between this edge and Dobbs Edge. Once at the wall turn right and walk down the field to reach the path and gate at the bottom, just before some more trees. Through the gate and follow the track through the sparse woodland that descends to one of the main estate tracks. There is a herd of Red deer on the estate and these deer can often be seen in this woodland. When the main estate track is reached turn left and follow this back to the car park through the fields of the estate. This can be very busy in prime holiday time. (2.5kms. 40m. 0hrs. 50min.)