High Stones.

High Stones.
Hill Summit : High Stones[SK188943, 548m.]
Start : Kings Tree The end of the road on the side of Howden reservoir.[SK169950 270m ]
Summary : Kings Tree - Slippery Stones - Nether Hey - High Stones - Margery Hill - Cut Gate - Slippery Stones - Kings Tree
distance : 12.5km.
ascent : 330m.
time : 4hr. 20min.

This is the highest point in Sheffield, and indeed South Yorkshire. High Stones is the high point of Howden Edge. This is a remote moor but there are excellent paths to the summit. The high moor between High Stones and Margery Hill to the north and especially to Back Tor to the south can be very wet but the paths chosen for this route avoid he worst of the bogs. The hill gives great views over Bleaklow and Kinder and east over most of South Yorkshire and beyond.


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Temperature : 4degC.
Wind Speed : 3km/hr.
Wind Direction : WSW
Clouds : scattered clouds
Precipitation : none
Sunrise : 04:54:01
Sunset : 19:14:59
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Kings Tree is the name given to the tree at the small roundabout at the end of the road. From here, walk through the gate and then 2km up the track to reach the bridge over the river at Slippery Stones. Cross this and continue another 100m to reach the path that takes the east side if the reservoir. Follow this track around Howden reservoir to the dam. Just past this is a track heading north east and uphill. (SK171922). Follow this grassy track up through the trees and onto the open moor. The track skirts around the summit of Nether Hey before descending slightly. Continue to follow the track up the hillside all the way to High Stones. The summit is marked by a pile of stones. From here there are good views of Kinder, Bleaklow and over much of South Yorkshire. (7.5kms. 280m. 2hrs. 50min.)

From the summit there is a path around the edge, variously called Howden Edge and Wilfrey Edge. After a short descent a fence is reached. Turn right, east, and follow the fence line to the trig marking the summit of Margery Hill. There is a distinct but maybe wet path north from Margery Hill to the Cut Gate path. Follow this path as best you can. The Cut Gate path is well define, and rocky. Follow this path west to descend to the Upper Derwent Valley. Once at the main track turn left, south to cross the river again at Slippery stones and then retrace your steps along the track to Kings Tree, (5.0kms. 50m. 1hrs. 40min.)