Hallam and Burbage Moor.

Hallam and Burbage Moor.
Start : Lady Canning Plantation Layby Layby by Lady Canning's plantation..[SK278834 399m ]
Summary : Lady Canning Plantation - Rud Hill - Redmires Reservoir - Stanage Pole - Burbage Bridge - Houndkirk Moor - Lady Canning Plantation.
distance : 12.0km.
ascent : 150m.
time : 3hr. 50min.

Hallam and Burbage Moors are large tracts of typical Peak District moorland. The edges of the moor make for a good walk including, as it does, Stanage and Burbage edges. The views on the east of this walk are predominantly over to Sheffield; indicating the nearness of this city to open hillside. There are many variations on this walk not least there are a variety of starting places. It is possible to start at Burbage Bridge, Redmires Reservoir or Lady Canning plantation, as described here.


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From Lady Canning's Plantation, take the signposted path and footpath that climbs the ridge and over to Brown Edge Farm. Continue around the farm and down the lane onto the minor road at .372. Turn left at the road following it for 100m and then take the footpath that climbs Rud Hill via the Yorkshire Water Service Reservoir. Go through the gate and follow the well marked path up around Rud Hill, contouring White Stones and onto Redmires Reservoir. This can be very wet in autumnal conditions. (2.0kms. 20m. 0hrs. 40min.)

From the Redmires reservoir at the end of the road, turn right, west to follow the Long Causeway up towards Stanage. Once on the high ground Stanage Pole is visible and indeed the track goes past Stanage Pole prior to getting to Stanage Edge itself. The Roman road from Redmires to Stanage Edge bisects Hallam Moor. This vast tract of land at either side of the Roman Road is Hallam Moor. A pleasant place on a clear day but in the wind and rain a place to avoid. Once at Stanage Edge turn left, south, and walk along the top of the edge. The high pont, marked with a trig point, is clearly visible and worth climbing to the top for the view along the Hope Valley. Continue along the path as it turns east, over Cowper Stone to meet the minor road at Burbage Bridge. Dependent on the weather you could treat yourself to an ice cream or hot drink from one of the vans that are often found here. (5.0kms. 100m. 1hrs. 40min.)

Cross the minor road at Burbage Bridge and through the gate to find the narrow path along the top of Burbage Rocks.Follow the path along the top of the rocks. This can be quite muddy and ill defined in places. A downhill section at the end of Burbage North, crosses a stream and then slightly uphill to reach a path, clearly marked with piles of stones. Turn left here, east and follow this good path over Burbage moor to meet Houndkirk Road. Once at the road turn left, north and follow this to the edge of Lady Canning Plantation. There is good view over Sheffield along this stretch of the walk. Take the left branch around Lady Canning Plantation. Soon there is a gate on the left of the path. Go through this gate and climb the path to the trig point of Ox Stones. Continue along to the Ox Stones themselves. Now take the path back to the edge of the plantation at the roadside. (5.0kms. 30m. 1hrs. 30min.)