Around Burbage Valley

Around Burbage Valley
Start : North Burbage Bridge A busy car park just by the North Burbage bridges. [SK261830 402m ]
Summary : Burbage North Bridge - Higgar Tor - Hathersage Moor [sheepfold] - Over Owler Tor - Owler Tor - River Padley footbridge - Burbage South Edge - Burbage North Edge - Burbage North Bridge
distance : 8.0km.
ascent : 110m.
time : 2hr. 40min.

The Burbage Valley is a short distance from the edge of Sheffield and as such is busy. There is a nice walk for all down and up the Green Drive; from the north to south bridges and back. Burbage Edge itself is a typical Gritstone Edge with the rock climbs being great for introductory rock climbing. On most days you will see many a keen climber out practising their skills. The rocks on Higgar Tor are in a different and more difficult class. This an interesting walk around the Burbage Valley starting at Burbage North Bridge. It is also possible to start at the car park just east of Surprise View on the A6187. From Burbage North Bridge means downhill first then uphill - which is different from most walks. In busy times the car parks here are busy but overall but there is always some space in the car parks or along the road to Higgar Tor


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First the route makes for Higgar Tor. Take the gate out of the westerly car park and follow the path around some low "crags". The clearly defined path now ascends steadily up to Higgar Tor. Throughout there is a clear view down the Burbage Valley and onto Fox House and Longshaw Estate. On arrival at Higgar Tor, it is worthwhile walking around the top of the rocks, to look over the impressive and sometimes overhanging cliffs. Looking over from the top of Higgar Tor there are a number of paths towards Carl Walk or the Sheepfold. Then look at the map and the paths are drawn differently - confusing. From the high point of Higgar Tor take the significant path (not on map) that goes to the southern corner of the sheepfold. (2.0kms. 30m. 0hrs. 40min.)

From the corner of the sheepfold, follow the path that goes around the rocks and over to Over Owler Tor. There is a great view of Over Owler Tor all the way along the path. Make to the summit and from here look around taking in the view. Keep following the path for 50m or so. Here there is a path crossing. To the right is the path over to Millstone Edge [which is for another day]. Here turn left and follow the path to Mother Cap, which seen from below, is a very significant rock erratic. Follow the path downhill until some rocks just above the car park. The smaller path on the left leads to the A6187, rather than the car park. Cross the road and through the gate to follow the path down to the footbridge over the River Padley. But first go to Owler Tor, another rock structure in this area of the Peak District. The area around the footbridge can be very busy on a hot day. There is a nice path up the true right bank of the river which is followed to the forest and then to the road just uphill from South Burbage bridge. (2.5kms. 20m. 0hrs. 50min.)

From South Burbage Bridge continue along the road and then through the gate at the start of Burbage Drive. This route goes along the top of South and then North Burbage Edge rather than walking along Burbage Drive / Green Drive, although a quicker and easier return is directly up the Drive. Follow the path right, east to climb the slopes towards the top of the crags. Initially the path goes around the top of the large and significant Burbage Quarries and then onto South Burbage Edge itself. The edge is followed until it descends to the gap between the South and North Edges. Ascend again to the top of North Burbage. The top of the North Edge is followed to the road a short distance from the car park. Despite how busy the car parks are, the route along the top of the edge is often quiet although it can be muddy after a prolonged period of wet weather. The walker is near to the edge here and will be walking past the climbers belaying their mates on the rocks. Follow the path to the road and once through the stile turn left to return to the car park. (3.5kms. 60m. 1hrs. 10min.)