Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow and White Edges.

Froggatt, Curbar, Baslow and White Edges.
Start : B6058 Roadside at Junction Road junction of the A625 and B6054. [SK269790 364m ]
Summary : Roadside - Grouse Inn - Froggatt Edge - Curbar Edge - Baslow Edge - Wellington Monument - White Edge - Roadside.
distance : 13.5km.
ascent : 200m.
time : 4hr. 20min.

A walk of contrasts. Froggatt, Curbar and Baslow are typical Gritstone Edges, with cliffs some 20m high over a length of 2-3 kms. These edges rise from the woodland below giving impressive views. In contrast White Edge is set in more bleak and open moorland with less impressive rocks but non the less some great views over the Peak District. Perhaps in this one walk we see the two sides of the Gritstone scenery. This is one of the best walks in the Peak District. There are great views of a large part of the central; and north of the Peak District, and especially the White Peak over to the west. The three edges are often busy but White edge is different, it is more rugged and and as such less busy.


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From the road junction cross the wall / fence and follow the significant track to White Edge Lodge. Continue past the Lodge and follow the footpaths to reach the A625 just north of the Gouse Inn. Just past the Inn follow the footpath on the right, over the fields to reach the woodland. Then follow the path past the NT car park to reach the stream that is crossed via the stepping stones. Climb up to the A625 road. After crossing the road, safely, go through the white gate onto the main path at the top of Froggatt Edge. This goes through a wood before openning out with a great view down the Derwent valley. There is a good path all the way along the top of the edge. The walker does not get to see the best of the crags from this path but the views over to central peak district are in some way compensation. At the end of Froggatt Edge there is a clear break defined by a high wall of rock. It is worth walking to the bottom of Froggatt Edge here to get some idea of the size and extent of the crags. If you do this return to the top of the edge. (3.0kms. 40m. 1hrs. 0min.)

The main path continues along the top of Curbar Edge to the road at Curbar Gap. The route does not follow the true edge, the more distinctive track is 50m to the east of the edge, although it is possible to follow a smaller path along the crest of the edge. Always in the distance is the distinctive Wellington's monument at the end of Baslow Edge. From Curbar Gap it is possible to follow the path directly up to White edge, completely missing Baslow Edge. Don't do this but continue along to Baslow Edge towards Wellington's Monument. Cross the road at Curbar Gap, go through the gate and follow the path along Baslow Edge until the monument is reached. Again the main path is some 50m east of the edge with a much thinner path along the top of the edge. On the way to the monument the route passes an interesting and impressive erratic, Eagle Rock. (4.5kms. 60m. 1hrs. 30min.)

From the monument follow the significant track to the minor road. Cross the road and onto the fields opposite. There is a path from the road that crosses the rough ground before climbing up to the ridge of White Edge. This path is now followed up to the trig point of White Edge. This stands away from the main path but worth a visit. From here you can see the large moor to the east, Big Moor, home to a herd of Red Deer. White Edge gives a feeling of the high moor, a feeling of remoteness and in poor weather it is a much bleaker than the lower edges. (3.0kms. 80m. 1hrs. 10min.)

The trig point is not the true summit of White Edge according to the latest OS map. Some 500m north, along the path, is a rise that is a meter higher. Again this is just set off the path. There is a short climb over heather to reach the top. If is obvious that not many people visit this true summit. Get back to the path and follow the distinct path along north over White Edge. At SK265778 a significant signpost shows the way back to the Grouse Inn or onward to the Lodge and the road junction. Follow the track in the northerly direction past White Edge Lodge to the road and the start of the walk. (3.0kms. 20m. 1hrs. 0min.)