Kinder Summits

Kinder Summits
Hill Summit : Kinder Low[SK078870, 633m.]
Hill Summit : Kinder Summit.[SK085875, 636m.]
Start : Edale Car Park The large pay car park at the road junction to Edale.[SK125853 235m ]
Summary : Edale - Grindsbrook - Kinder Gates - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Low - .636 - Crowden Tower - Grindslow Knoll - Edale
distance : 14.5km.
ascent : 150m.
time : 4hr. 30min.

Kinder is a largely flat plateau at a height of around 600m, some bits higher, some lower. The aim of this route is to walk to some of the key places around Kinder Scout. First we ascend Grinsdbrook that was the original start of the Pennine Way, then around the edge to the top of Crowden Brook. From here we strike over the main Kinder moor through Kinder Gates, to find Kinder Downfall. Then back to Kinder Low, and the summit of Kinder at .636. and back to Edale via Grindsbrook Knoll. Parts of this walk can be busy area and best visited off season or mid week.


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From the car park there is a walk up the road to the village and the Old Nags Head Pub. Grinds Brook is the traditional start of the Pennine Way prior to it being re-routed over to Jacob's Ladder. To get to Grinds Brook walk through the village and follow the footpath through the fields alongside the stream. The last section up the rocks at the top of Grinds Brook is a scramble but there is an easier path above the rocks bypassing the scramble altogether. From the top, at the edge, follow the path west to reach the top of Crowden Brook. Now the path goes north across Kinder itself. Follow this path as it makes it's way over the plateau. At the high point the walker moves from the groughs that feed Crowden Brook to those that feed into the Kinder River. Continuing you will notice the cutting that is Kinder Gates. As the western edge approaches the views down to Glossop opens out and then a big drop. This is Kinder Downfall. It is an impressive waterfall in the wet season but in dry summers it can be no more than a trickle. In winter the frozen Downfall provides one of the few locations in the Peaks that ice climbing can take place. (7.0kms. 50m. 2hrs. 10min.)

The Pennine Way follows the western edge of Kinder, and the significant path passes Kinder Downfall. Follow the path south, with views over to Manchester on your right to reach Kinder Low. Now is time to reach the true summit of Kinder at .636. There is a small path over to the summit of Kinder, but not a very clear path indicating not many people go over to this summit. It is best to take a bearing from Kinder Low over to .636 and follow the small path to reach a small pile of stones. Here a GPS will tell you that you are exactly at the summit (or not!). The route leaves the summit south to get back to the edge at Pym Chair. Again there is a lack of a path so a bearing is a good idea. Once on the edge at Pym Chair, the path around Kinder is obvious. Follow the path around the south of the Kinder plateau from Pym Chair, passed Wool Packs and then Crowden Tower. Continue around the edge of Kinder to reach the top of Grindsbrook. Rather than descending through the valley a different and more interesting descent is to follow the ridge down to Grindsbrook Knoll and then follow the path down to Edale. (7.5kms. 100m. 2hrs. 30min.)