Brown Knoll via Rushup Edge.

Brown Knoll via Rushup Edge.
Hill Summit : Brown Knoll[SK083851, 568m.]
Start : Edale Car Park. The large pay car park near Edale station.[SK125853 235m ]
Summary : Edale - Mam Nic - Rushop Edge - Brown Knoll - Jacaobs Ladder - Upper Booth - Edale
distance : 14.0km.
ascent : 400m.
time : 4hr. 50min.

An interesting walk taking in Rushop Edge which is on the boundary between the White Peak to the South and the Dark Peak to the north. Then on to Brown Knoll which is a definite Dark Peak hill, a rounded hill mainly peat.


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From Edale car park cross the "main" road and slightly west find the track that goes to Greenlands. From the building, follow the path uphill to Mam Nic, the gap between Mam Tor and Rushop Edge. From the Mam Nic, turn west and follow the path along the top of Rushop Edge. (2kms. 280m. 1hrs. 10min.)

Once at the summit, follow the ridge down to the col between it and Brown Knoll. To the left, south, is limestone country and to the right, north is peat country. This route follows the path onto Brown Knoll which is definitly peat land. However the environmentalists have been hard at work and there is a stone path all the way from here over to Brown Knoll and beyond. The route crosses the rail tunnel that is well between your feet; taking the trains from Sheffield to Manchester. An obvious tower over to the south marks an ventilation shaft to the tunnel. Continue along the path the trig point at Brown Knoll.(5kms. 100m. 1hrs. 40min.)

From the trig point turn north to follow the path to the pass just before it rises to Kinder. It is worth now walking west to the true top of the pass at Edale Cross. You do have to retrace your steps back to the col. This is where the Pennine way starts it's route to Kinder. Follow the distinctive path down Jacobs Ladder down to the farm at Upper Booth. Follow the path over the farmland to Barber Booth, over the railway and then onto the village. Now make the short walk down back to the car park. (7kms. 20m. 2hrs. 10min.)