Bamford Edge.

Bamford Edge.
Start : Roadside Just where the path leaves the minor road from Bamford to Stanage there is a pull off taking 4 or 5 cards. [SK215839 160m ]
Summary : Roadside - Bamford Edge - Roadside.
distance : 4.0km.
ascent : 80m.
time : 1hr. 20min.

A very short walk up to Bamford Edge. Worth doing on an afternoon or after work. Despite the short length this walk is well worth it for the views down the Hope Valley and up the Upper Derwent Valley. Indeed this is one of the best viewpoints in the Peak District.


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From the parking ascend steeply the hillside to reach the height of the moor. Continue until a shooting butt is reached. Now follow the path right, east. This way is on the moor side of the edge and gives some good views over to Stanage Edge. Soon the path reaches the edge. Walk along the edge until it starts descending. Banford edge is not as complete as Stanage or Burbage but around this part of the edge, the cliffs are high for the area. Stay a while taking in the views. There are good views in all directions; the Upper Derwent valley to the north, Win Hill to the west, Hope Valley to the south and Stanage to the east. (2.0kms. 80m. 0hrs. 50min.)

To return, turn around and follow the path along the edge all the way. The cliffs are not continuous along this edge and at the southern edge they have all but disappeared. Keep to the path along the edge line taking the right option where there is an obvious choice. This leads back to the Shooting Box, and then back to the roadside by the car. (2kms. 0m. 0hrs. 40min.)